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Offering flat rate $30 shipping* to select postal codes in:
Toronto // Vancouver // Montreal // Calgary


*Flat shipping rate only applies to Multi-day Refrigerated level of service and city centre addresses


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How does
shipping work?

  • Fill out our online form.
  • Choose your level of service.
  • Apply payment to the invoice sent to your email.

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When can I expect my delivery?

  • Overnight requests to arrive to any city from June 25 to 28 (online form submission deadline June 21)
  • Pick up at the Calgary Iron Gate office starting June 25
  • Pick up at the Toronto Iron Gate office starting July 2
  • MDR Deliveries for Vancouver July 2 to 4
  • MDR Deliveries for Calgary July 4 & 5
  • MDR Deliveries for Toronto July 10 to 12
  • MDR Deliveries for any other city in Canada are targeted from July 2 to 9


MDR may take up to 3-5 weeks.  Shipping rates are estimated and exclusive to the city centre.  Rates may vary if outside.  Confirmed rates are determined once the final destination address is finalized.




3rd Party Courier

Shipping rates are estimated for overnight service and exclusive to the city centre.  Rates may vary if outside. Confirmed rates are determined once the shipping destination address is finalized.
A shipping release waiver is required.




A shipping release waiver will be required for all 3rd party courier shipments

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We are a reliable, cost-efficient and traceable way to ship delicate packages across Canada.

With a focus only on high-value goods, Calgary Shipping ensures that all packages are handled with care, end to end.


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